New name and logo!

This is a short post to announce that the School Desegregation Notebook is now the School Diversity Notebook. Because “school diversity” is a broader term that encompasses many different aspects of what is happening (and not happening) in school policy, I felt like it was a better fit.

With the new name, I’ve created this new logo, which pushed the limit of fairly limited design/artistic skills. (I have to cite Canva here, for those who aren’t familiar- it was great for this and most designs are free.)

School Diversity Notebook

I’ll be back soon with news and research roundup posts as well as new topics in standalone posts. If you’d like to catch up, here are recent posts on:

Thanks for supporting my work here. Your readership means a lot to me and is a big source of motivation for growing as a writer, researcher, and advocate for school diversity.

2 thoughts on “New name and logo!

  1. Thanks Peter! The NPR syndicate here in Nashville – WPLN – is working on a story about the resegregation of schools here, with a focus on my kids’ (now 90% white and high income) magnet school. I and a few other parents, who are trying to change this, were interviewed for it. I think the reporter (Meribah Knight from The Promise podcast) will do a good job, and hopefully it will encourage more discussion about the issue.

    I’ll send you a link when it is published and maybe you can add to your news roundup.

    Have a great summer!

    Heather W.

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