News Roundup: Week of 1.16.17

There was a lot of great attention to school segregation this week. I’ve organized the best I could find into three categories.

Nikole Hannah-Jones on Fresh Air

Betsy DeVos Senate Hearing

  • Article from the Education Opportunity Network that links school choice to school segregation, using data from charter expansion in DeVos’ Michigan
  • Christian Science Monitor article that summarizes research on the relationship between choice policies and segregation in several major cities
  • Great CityLab article that uses data (with cool maps) from Minneapolis-St. Paul and Charlotte to demonstrate the link between charter expansion and school segregation

Local Stories

  • Another great, yet troubling, CityLab article about segregation through “splintering” policies in a Birmingham suburb
  • Chalkbeat exploration of how academic screeners have led to school segregation in New York City
  • Short Chalkbeat article about a rezoning plan that aims to mitigate segregation in New York City schools

2 thoughts on “News Roundup: Week of 1.16.17

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