Center for Education & Civil Rights

The School Diversity Notebook partners closely with the Center for Education and Civil Rights (CECR) at Penn State University. Directed by Erica Frankenberg (@e_frankenberg), CECR aims to produce and share new research on school diversity issues and to act as a resource hub for connecting civil rights researchers, practitioners and activists in our home community of State College and beyond. CECR is currently working on research projects investigating effective systems for voluntary intra-district school integration and anti-bias education in the early education context. In addition, CECR hosts monthly events to facilitate critical and productive discussions about important school diversity issues. Starting in October 2018, the SD Notebook merged with CECR, which helps to identify topics for blog posts, review post content and promote the notebook’s visibility. For more information on CECR, please visit our website and follow us on Vimeo and Twitter @psu_civilrights. Please also feel free to email us directly at