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Peter Piazza (@PeterTPiazza)

CV (updated 1/23)

I am an education policy researcher, whose work is oriented towards understanding how public education can best prepare citizens for thoughtful participation in a multicultural democracy. My research has looked at the rise of well-funded advocacy organizations and their impact on democratic engagement in public education policy making. See publications in the Journal of Education PolicyCritical Studies in Education, and the Berkeley Review of Education.

I launched the School Diversity Notebook in 2017, and it has since become the official blog of the Penn State Center for Education and Civil Rights as well as a member of the National Coalition on School Diversity.  Specifically, this blog is an exploration of school segregation today. Posts are oriented towards public advocates for school integration and researchers who advance anti-racist public policy. Each post reviews recent news or research on school integration and related issues, approaching the topic from the 5Rs for #RealIntegration emphasized by youth activists. Along these lines, topics range widely under the umbrella of school diversity, including but not limited to: school fundingvoluntary integration effortsanti-racist curriculumschool disciplineschool privatization, etc.

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If you have any thoughts, questions, reflections etc about the blog or any posts, please feel free to reach out via email at Also, I am available for consulting on relevant research or outreach projects – please see my CV for more background.

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