Sources and Topics

Of course, there’s a lot to explore about an issue that has such a long and contentious history. My very short, preliminary list of sources and topics includes –

Since I am writing from the Boston area, I plan to pay special attention to the city’s very tense history with school integration and to the area’s  Metco program, a voluntary inter-district busing program. I encourage any blog readers to make suggestions for additional resources in the comments. I know there’s a lot that isn’t listed here.

I’ll monitor current research, reporting, etc on school (de)segregation, and when I’ve pulled together enough sources, I’ll post short summaries and links of the best that I could find. There was a lot this week, especially related to the Betsy DeVos Senate hearing. Meanwhile, in other posts, I’ll look more closely at one source and try to make sense of it in light of current events, related educational research or reporting, or my own experiences in education. I’ll start these with “All Deliberate Speed,” and then I’ll use the list above to choose what to read next. If you’re interested, please follow along (see options on the sidebar) and add your perspective in the comments.

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